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Annual Revenue Monthly Price Option Annual Price Option (Save by paying annually!)
$0 - $25,000 n/a $19.00
$25,001 - $100,000 $5.99 $49.00
$100,001 - $500,000 $8.99 $79.00
$500,001 - $1,000,000 $10.99 $99.00
Over $1,000,000 $29.99 $299.00
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"We have been inundated with opportunities from merchant processing firms promising to lower our merchant fees. Through NPPG, we gained access to NXGEN Payment Services, who were able to turn a commodity product into a winning customer service presentation. We were amazed that NXGEN sent a representative to meet us and truly understand who we were and what our needs were. We anticipate saving over 20% per month on our merchant processing fees, plus we're gaining better reporting and customer service. Moreover, they offer a point-of-sale system that allows us to accept credit cards at our baseball field using a smart phone. Thank you NPPG for bringing this opportunity to our organization."
Gianna Stone, Program Director of Miracle League of San Diego

"We are so grateful to be a member of NPPG. They work very closely with their vendor partners to make sure purchases meet with your satisfaction and are delivered in a timely fashion. Thanks to NPPG we were able to buy HP printer cartridges at a savings of $150 dollars. That means a lot to our small non profit. The quality is terrific, the choices and options are generous, and customer service is really first-rate. NPPG is an amazing group and we feel so lucky to be using them. They are the first place we go to order supplies and find the best vendors. Thank you for offering these opportunities."
Barbara Wenger, Director of CommunityGrows

"The Non-Profit Purchasing Group has been an amazing asset for our non-profit. It has allowed us to decrease our daily business expenses dramatically and focus our funds where they're truly needed, directly back into the community to help the children and families affected by Autism. I highly recommend NPPG, the group purchasing power it provides is powerful and specific to the needs of the non-profit community. I cannot say enough positive things about it and about Dan who truly cares about the people we are helping! "
Marcia Sanborn of Inspiring Hearts for Autism

"In early March I received an email from Dan Engel of the Non-Profit Purchasing Group (NPPG). I was intrigued by the idea, but as With Alacrity is a very small nonprofit, the membership price of almost $100 per year was staggering and just not in our budget. Most nonprofits are small, really small, and every penny is thoughtfully spent. I just couldn't see how our organization could access the possibilities offered by this group. So I picked up the phone and called Dan Engel. Dan called me back within a half hour. And I pleaded our situation. Our annual budget is about $5,000 annually. With our new litter of pups, we need to double our donations and find more ways to save money. I argued for a sliding scale. Dan's experience is mostly with large well funded nonprofits, and he didn't realize how hard or simply how many of us small groups are out here struggling to make a difference. Emails flew, calls exchanged and Dan offered us a discount code while he contemplated a breakdown of how a sliding scale should break out. And then Dan agreed to offer a generous sliding scale and swiftly implemented it. And it's a very good sliding scale, one I can't even ask him to improve. Our potential savings with Office Depot alone are going to make a drastic difference in our financial outlook! So now is the time to show NPPG the power that small nonprofits have, to spread the word, to share the wealth. Dan has created a tracking code: LLWA - which is short for Live Life With Alacrity™ for all of us to put in the promo box to show our support of his implementation of a sliding scale. I ask all of you that spread the word to link back to this post. By entering the code in the Promo code box - you will be telling Dan that you appreciate the negotiations that we have made so that small nonprofits can participate in the buying power of a larger group. We are very pleased to be a part of NPPG and look forward to a long relationship. We hope that if you join, you will be as happy as we are. But when and if you join, please use the LLWA code to show your appreciation of the sliding scale. We get the same discounts as you receive, nothing else. But by using the LLWA code, you’ll show Dan that small nonprofits appreciate his adjustment of pricing to accommodate our tight budgets. Thank you Dan! And thank you to all that have read this and are sharing this. To share post:"
D. Titus Blackwood of With Allacrity - Assistance Dogs of Colorado

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