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NP Strategies
In today's environment, nonprofit leaders are faced with a variety of challenges and opportunities.
  • How can our organization become more sustainable?
  • Are our programs/services poised to meet the changing needs of our constituency?
  • What can we learn from other organizations?
  • What other organizations are in this space and what is our unique niche?
  • How can we align the objectives of our board and senior management?
Nonprofits often struggle with finding the time or resources and having the necessary tools to address these questions.

NP Strategies helps nonprofits think strategically to address these opportunities and challenges - we can help you determine how to be more effective, sustainable, and create lasting impact. By working together, we can prepare your organization for the future. We become a virtual member of our clients' teams - providing the added resources and tools needed for success.

Areas where NP Strategies can provide leverage and support:
  • Strategic business planning
  • Market and opportunity assessments
  • Growth and sustainability strategies
  • Program and business development
  • Partnership development and planning
  • Impact evaluation and outcome measurement

Consulting Services
Significant savings (up to 50% or more) compared with for-profit providers of similar services
NP Strategies is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit strategy consulting organization that creates impact by strengthening the nonprofits that serve our communities. A truly innovative organization, NP Strategies is led by a committed team with backgrounds in business and management consulting combined with a passion for the social sector.

Members' Benefits:

  • Save up to 55%
  • Average Savings of 30%
  • 96 Best-in-Class Vendor Partners (96 number as per listings)
  • NPPG donates 10% of all membership sales back into the local non-profit communities

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