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Simplicity Health Plans
Non-profit employers! Stop overpaying for health coverage.

Finally the rational alternative for business health coverage. Use significant payroll tax savings to pay for medical care within the deductible. Already conforms to Obama care.

Excellent coverage and you keep the savings!

Did you know that 8 of 10 individuals and families spend no more than $600-$700 per year on health care? So, ask yourself. . . why do I pay so much?

"A Comprehensive but Simple Health Plan. . . "

Simplicity Health Plans
will change your employees' health and buying habits forever. Simplicity provides a turnkey, fully-integrated Consumer Directed Health Plan for small groups (2-300 employees), mid-size self insured employers and large non-profits. Now self-funding is simple, efficient and safe even for only two employees. You pay an all-inclusive one low monthly fee . . . and get a superior health plan for your employees, including first dollar coverage for preventive benefits. Now have the same plan in any state.

We get rid of unnecessary costs and deliver a solution with paperless processing and point-of-service adjudication and payment (transparency). Our technology eliminates patient statements, allows for real-time data analysis, and practically eliminates fraud with anti-fraud controls. Say goodbye to employee hassles. Just think . . . no bills to your employees.

We do all the work . . . It's Simple.  Employees' cash grows in their Health Savings Accounts ("HSAs") while they tend to get healthier. Simple economics changes their behavior. For the first time have access to Wellness programs and unlimited calling to your Health Coaches. Access real time data, utilization review and medical case management, and comparison shopper tools . . . all included in one low monthly fee. Go to and check us out.

Consumer Directed Health Plans
Credit back Monthly Service Associate Fees
Save money and have excellent health coverage. Now self-funding is simple, efficient and safe even for only two employees! Backed by one of the very best and largest stop loss insurers in the country. Simplicity Health Plans implements ERISA-qualified Consumer Directed Health Plans for groups of 2-300 employees and larger. You can't afford to pass on this opportunity.

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