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Online Auctions are a PROFITABLE way to improve your fundraising efforts.

Whether you are looking for ways to enhance your fundraising events, earn more money from your silent auction, or expand your existing fundraising programs, running an online auction with BiddingForGood is a proven solution. BiddingForGood has run more than 9,000 online auction fundraisers and raised more than $85 million for schools and non-profits. Our success is based on a simple, effective formula:


What makes BiddingForGood so unique is that we HELP you with each step of this equation to ensure your success!

Get More Items for Your Catalog

A strong catalog filled with a variety of desirable items is critical to a successful online auction fundraiser. BiddingForGood has proven ways to help you achieve an effective catalog.
  • Auction Expert Consultants (which all clients are assigned and are available by phone and email) will provide you with the best practices regarding the types of items to place in your auction, how to effectively solicit items, how to showcase those items in online fundraisers and much more.
  • Donated Items Program provides clients with over $2,000 worth of items to add to their catalog. We have partnered with a variety of businesses to secure some amazing itmes like luxury vacations, gourmet food, gift cards and more that our clients can add to their auctions. NOTE: This is not consignment and you earn revenue on the first dollar.
  • Item Request Button, which clients place on the auction homepage. This is an easy and effective way to solicit items and help reduce staff resources.
  • Item Email System provides clients with an easy to use method to send email communications to their community for item requests. Our system provides email templates and copy (which can be easily customized), sending capabilities, and reporting features. Our system allows you to tap your entire community for item donations and enables your community to effortlessly respond and contribute.

Get More Bidders to Participate

An attractive catalog is extremely important. However, you also need bidders - and the more the better. BiddingForGood auctions help you increase the number of bidders in your auction, and increasing participation and competition makes you more money.
  • Bidder Community of more than 175,000 affluent, cause minded consumers provides our clients with even more bidders. These bidders boost clients' online auction revenue by more than 25%!
  • Bidder Email System provides an easy and effective way to promote your online auction fundraiser to your entire community. Our system includes email templates and copy (which are easily customizable), sending capabilities and reporting. This feature allows you to quickly alert and remind your community about your online auction.
  • Refer a Friend Feature (included in your emails and auction homepages) enable your community to help you further promote your online auction. Typical auctions get an additional 60 participants to their online auction through the use of the Forward to a Friend feature.
  • 24 x 7 Online Auctions provide the opportunity for bidding any hour of the day, for the entire duration of your online auction fundraiser. This means your ENTIRE community has more time to participate. typical events which include silent auctions only allow attendees to participate. A BiddingForGood auction opens your online auction fundraiser to everyone in your community (and beyond), overwhelmingly increasing participation rates.

Make More Money for Your Organization

Bidding for Good helps clients builds successful item catalogs and maximize the number of bidders that participate in their online auction fundraisers. This ensures our clients maximize their revenue. However, BiddingForGood also provides additional ways for clients to make even MORE money.
  • Sponsorship Programs are a great way to boost revenue even further. Online auction fundraisers provide many opportunities to sell marketing exposure (via auction home page banners and promotional emails) to advertisers or to use the marketing exposure for barter in exchange for additional items for your catalog. Our clients typically earn between $2,000 (small auctions) and $10,000 (large auctions) in sponsorship revenue.
  • Cash Donation Feature provides another opportunity for your community to support your cause. Our Donate Cash features typically generate hundreds of incremental dollars.
  • Ticket Feature creates a convenient place for your community members to purchase event tickets. BiddingForGood clients get an average of $500 in incremental ticket sales and many get thousands more through this feature.
  • End of Auction Reporting and Consultation is an exclusive benefit of running your auction with BiddingForGood. This comprehensive review with one of our experts provides a detailed analysis of your auction's performance, as well as recommendations for improvements to incorporate in your future auctions.

Online auction fundraising is all about expanding your reach, getting more items, and making more money and BiddingFor Good helps you do this. For more information about how BiddingForGood can help you run a successful online auction fundraiser, click here.

Online Auction Fundraising
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Online fundraising helps you raise more money by taking full advantage of the Internet's strengths and assets. As people spend more of their time and money online, it is important that your fundraising efforts be online too.

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