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Cellular Optimization
Cellular Optimization will review your company's cellular bills monthly and monitor all areas of spend. Each month we will produce a cost savings recommendation and implement it with your carrier. We will also produce monthly reports that allocate costs and highlight excessive costs. The ability to share best practices and get terms negotiated for larger accounts applied to our accounts is a substantial benefit and time saver.
  • 100% Return on Investment - Guaranteed
  • Dramatically reduce the time you spend on your bills and negotiating with carrier representatives
  • Simplified management reports
  • Resolution of billing issues
  • Services billed only after we achieve savings - if there are no savings, we charge nothing
  • International cost savings programs available
  • Web portal for simplified procurement and reporting
  • Helpdesk support
Save from 15% to 30% on your corporate cellular bill
Cellular Optimization uses their custom software and industry knowledge to work with your cellular carrier to drive down costs and deliver a superior level of service. We offer a large database of rate plans not commonly offered that afford substantial savings.

Members' Benefits:

  • Save up to 55%
  • Average Savings of 30%
  • 96 Best-in-Class Vendor Partners (96 number as per listings)
  • NPPG donates 10% of all membership sales back into the local non-profit communities

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