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Customize and publish a professional online event registration page.


Create a customized event page

Create a professional looking event page and customize it with colors, logos, images, and a personalized URL.


Offer easy online registration

Let attendees easily register or buy tickets online for your event.


Enable professional ticketing

Specify different ticket types, discount codes, and send attendees professional barcoded tickets.


Sell from your own site

Sell tickets and collect registrations directly from your own organization's Website by embedding our ticket widget.



Use powerful event promotion tools to raise awareness and increase attendance.


Leverage search engines and event listings

Automatically get your event listed with Google and other important search engines as well as event listing sites to help attendees discover your event.


Tap into social media

Let attendees help spread the word through one-click integration with Facebook, Twitter, and many more social media platforms.


Send customized email marketing

Send customized email invites and schedule email communications with attendees.


Create custom contact lists

Save email addresses in contact lists for sending regular email announcements and event invitations.


Use tracking links and affiliates

Track which sites and promotional campaigns are sending the most traffic to your registration page. Optionally offer affiliate payouts to traffic sources.


Embed customizable widgets

Remind your website or blog visitors of upcoming events with a customizable calendar of events widget or event countdown widget.



Track attendees through our charts and graphs, save time and stay organized.

Offer multiple ticket types

Sell different levels of admission prices for a single event. Create time sensitive “Early Bird” or limited availability “Special Offer” tickets to drive purchases.


Leverage PayPal or Google Checkout

Access funds immediately when you let attendees pay through PayPal or Google Checkout.


Accept donations

Accept open donations from your users instead of charging a fixed price.


Manage recurring events

If your event happens weekly, monthly or at another regular interval, you can set up a single event to manage sales across all of your dates.


Enable waitlists

When your event sells out, continue to collect information from potential buyers. Release tickets to them if space becomes available. Use the collected information to promote future events.


Automatic name badges and check-in lists

Automatically generate customized name badge templates for all registered attendees. Eventbrite also automatically emails you a printable check -in list for your event once ticket sales have ended.


Sell Out

Collect money through our secure credit card processing, PayPal, or Google Checkout.


Support secure credit card processing

Eventbrite offers secure credit card processing and a seamless customer purchase experience with no need for a merchant account.


Pay by check or at the door

Collect money from users who prefer not to pay online.


Pass through or add on service charges

Absorb the ticket service charges or pass them along to users so that there's no cost to you.

Click the Shop Now button and register for a free account at Eventbrite.  Sell and keep track of all your ticket sales free of charge for all your free events.

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Eventbrite empowers you with simple but powerful tools to manage, promote, and sell out your event. It's free to sign up and get started.

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