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Microbterm Inc.

Microbterm, Inc. is a company created by top tier Bio-Researchers and High Level Business Executives to provide a powerful tool in the ongoing war on disease and sickness.  The transfer of germs from one individual to another often times occurs by touch. In fact, many celebrities today will not even shake the hand of another for fear of germ contact and transferrance. Shopping Malls, Schools, Hospitals, Restaurants, Airports, and any populated area is a breeding ground for germs. Why? One reason is that once an object is touched, germs are transferred onto it and then picked up by the next unassuming person. Many diseases both mundane and life threatening are transferred this way. Microbterms state of the art product is BACTERM, a breakthough technology that kills germs, bacteria, and other harmfull microbes at a rate and speed lightyears ahead of prior technology.  

BACTERM, a patented product not only kills the micobes that come in contact with the surface, according to our independent lab results, but also prevents the microbes from multipling. Our objective was to produce a product, which destroys as many microbes as possible while at the same time, severely disrupts the cells reproductive capacity . We believe that we have achieved that goal. BACTERM'S results while impressive and groundbreaking, are only the beginning of the companies mission to terminate bacteria and other disease carrying microbes.

Bacterm should be painted on items people frequently touch.  If your business is a hospital, school, university, day care center, physicians office, restaurant, office building, dormitory, cruise ship, club, clinic, laboratory, surgery centers, retail store, hotel, dorm, exercise facility, or manufacturing plant we can help you.    

Contaminated areas relate to amount of bacteria in the area, the quantity of people and the frequency the area is touched.  Also take into consideration the health of the individuals who come into contact with the surface. 

We are here to help you. Bacteria is running rampant throughout everyone's community.  We all need to take a more proactive role, in protecting ourselves our friends, business associates and of course our students with a permanent solution. 

 Examples of Applications:

In a school the locker room bench you sit on to change your clothes according to the Center for Disease Control.  Your goal is to place the product on the areas which have the highest areas of contamination at your facility.

Bathrooms: GOOD: the bathroom door exit hardware; BETTER: add restroom entrance hardware, buttons on soap and towel dispenser and flushers;  BEST: add stall latches, faucet handles, handicap rails.

Restaurants:  GOOD Bathrooms;  BETTER: add kitchen doors hardware, restaurant entrance and exit;  BEST:  Add chair arm rests, especially if you have a take out waiting area section.

Nurseries/Day Care:  Best treatments for bathrooms, and toddler gym equipment.

Schools: GOOD: entrances and exits, classroom and Administrative entrances and exits, better bathrooms, cafeteria doors and gym benches; BETTER: add gym equipment handles, weights, push up bars, lockers and benches;  BEST:  Add arm rests, laboratory counters, home ec class equipment , handles on music sheet holders, and auditorium arm rests. 

Hospitals:  GOOD: Ward entrance buttons, all hospital cart handles and buttons, bathrooms; BETTER: add triage, waiting room arm rests, counter tops, bed railings, hand rails, IV poles, elevators, stair railings, bed trays, bathrooms, cafeteria, physician lockers; BEST add patient recliners, patient bathrooms, hallway hand rails, burn wards, infectious disease wards, ICU, nurses stations, laboratories,  med cabinet handles, and admin offices. 

All Instructions are in English.

Microbterm, Inc is an Institutional member of the Community and Hospital Infection Control Assoc.

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BACTERM is the 21st Century Solution for terminating the spread of Bacteria, Viruses, Fungus, Mold, and other harmful Microbes found on everday surfaces touched by humans. BACTERM'S researchers through ground breaking technology have discovered and developed a Revolutionary product that safely protects surfaces from Microbes for the life of the product. Testing performed in a leading United States University has demonstrated a heretofore unreachable 99.9% kill rate.

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