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FactSet with Corporate Intelligence

Instant access to powerful analytics tools that incorporate the broadest scope of data available, tailorable specifically to your workflow is now available to you in one, easy-to-use product at your desk or on the go.

From monitoring global markets, public and private companies, equity and fixed income portfolios to evaluating your peers and competitors, identifying investor interest and maintaining relationships with existing and potential investors and more, the FactSet with Corporate Intelligence solution provides you the information, tools and workflow systems you need to be effective in one, intuitive platform.

Integrated: Proprietary data is integrated with hundreds of commercial content sets.

Customizable: Tailored to your workflow, easily insert and manage the reports and data you need.

Wireless: Keep track of all your data and research on-the-go from your wireless device.




Stay organized with access to detailed historical and upcoming event and transcript information with real-time information for more than 750 indicators in 24 countries and regions. Customize the calendar to filter results by event/indicator type, locale, or date to see only the events that are important to you. Instantaneous access to information presented by your peers with streaming verbatim transcripts.

Chart Options

Seamlessly create and customize your models and presentations through chart integration with Microsoft Office. Download reports and underlying chart data for further analysis or choose to build custom reports using codes. Upload your own proprietary data, including forecasts, to be used in your charts alongside market data.

Corporate Intelligence

Synchronize key elements of IRO workflow including: shareholder communications, peer benchmarking, ownership, targeting, investor contact management and board-level reporting.



Access historical global pricing for stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange rates, commodities, futures, options, ETFs, and indicies.



Use the comprehensive coverage of annual and interim/quarterly data, detailed historical financial statement content, per share data, calculated ratios, pricing, and textual details to gain all the information you need for a global investment perspective.


Global Estimates

With proper entitlements, get comprehensive broker-level estimates on a daily or intra-day basis, recommendations, and revisions, plus sector-specific estimates and commodity estimates (predicated on entitlements). Estimates provide you with consensus- and detail-level estimates and statistics from leading investment banks and research firms. With over 550 contributing brokers, Estimates cover more than 17,000 active global companies.


Global News

Stay up-to-date with real-time business news and information from premium global news outlets. Set alerts about major moves on companies on your watch list and monitor the markets before the opening bell and throughout the day.


Real-Time News and Quotes

Obtain real-time data from hundreds of global exchanges and set alerts about major moves on companies that are on your watch list and monitor the markets before the opening bell and throughout the day.


Broker Research

Offers access to global research on equity, credit, industry, economics, and strategy from hundreds of research contributors including investment banks, market research firms and independent research providers. A breadth of research and estimates data combined with a level of transparency that ensures you are using the timeliest and highest quality data available in the industry.


Access to a complete macroeconomic research solution with in-depth data and flexible analytics designed to help transform your research into results.


Bond Analysis

Complete your fixed income workflow with a advanced tools for screening, analyzing and monitoring bond analytics.


Ownership Access

Ownership statistics for institutions, mutual funds, hedge funds, and insider/stakeholders. Analyze historical share movements, short interest, peer reports, and investor regions analysis.


Deal Data Mergers and Acquisitions

Get up-to-the-minute news and research on the global deal market. Access precedent transaction reports, build league tables and volume totals and analyze fees. Access vital company intelligence, comprehensive takeovers defense and corporate governance data.


Global Exchange Indices

View real-time and historical data for global benchmarks.


Corporate Governance

Monitor the defensive characteristics and relative defense protection of certain companies, post-merger ownership with board representation in combined companies, and activist investor profiles and campaign details.

Market Analytics
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FactSet consolidates all the tools you need to monitor global markets, public and private companies, and equity and fixed income portfolios in a single, intuitive interface.

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