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GLide Technologies


Today’s media landscape is characterized by speed, engagement, and multiple channels of communication. Our imperative is to build dynamic newsrooms that give our clients the edge in this environment.

All of our newsrooms are built on a proven, cloud-based media platform that is integrated, easy to use, and future-proofed through continuous innovation. We serve the needs of both social media and traditional media outlets


Today’s media environment exposes the limitations of traditional methods of sourcing market intelligence. For marketing communications and PR professionals, these methods are too slow, too inaccurate, and too limited in scope. Our solution overcomes this mismatch.?

 GlideIntelligence monitors and evaluates the impact of communications across all print, online, broadcast, and social media channels.

 "GlideIntelligence is among the best of next generation automated sentiment analysis and evaluation platforms I've seen.” - Marshall Sponder, WebMetricsGuru

The GlideIntelligence solution is powered by two analytical engines. The first, GlideIntelligence News is focused on journalistic content. The second, GlideIntelligence Social Media addresses the distinctly different challenges associated with monitoring and evaluating social media comments.
Matching the demands of a fluid, fast moving and multi-channel media environment, it delivers clear and concise reporting in real-time.


Today’s customers have the power to directly influence how events and stories unfold. In response, communications professionals prize insight that can be sourced rapidly. This determines their ability to respond quickly and fine tune messages that resonate with target audiences.  

GlideInsight is a polling tool that gives access to a global online panel of over 3 million respondents. While traditional market research can be comprehensive, it delivers a historical perspective. Increasingly, the opportunity to respond will have passed. In contrast, the value of our solution is founded on real-time insight.

GlideInsight enables marketing and PR professionals to:

Rapidly sample audience response

·    React to unfolding events

·    Make informed decisions and plan campaigns

·    Test concepts and messages prior to committing budget

·    Create stories based around statistically valid research and audience feedback

Media Monitoring
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Glide Technologies provides corporate communications and reputation management solutions to large organisations. They help their clients mitigate brand risk and take advantage of the changing media landscape.

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