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Driving Intelligence For A Better Tomorrow

The first green GPS tracking solution!

FieldLogix is the ultimate in Green GPS fleet tracking systems – designed to cut costs, increase workforce productivity, improve customer service, stop wasteful driving habits and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. FieldLogix’s proprietary Green GPS fleet tracking system helps you to do your part to protect our planet while saving time and money. Fieldlogix +NAV is an industry leading GPS fleet tracking system integrated with turn-by-turn navigation by Garmin and Google Maps.


Why Choose the FieldLogix Green GPS Fleet Tracking System:

· 30 Day Guarantee: We offer a money back 30 day guarantee on our devices.

· Our Green Features Save Fuel: We will help you curb fuel wasters such as idling, speeding, and aggressive driving.

· We use CDMA technology: While most systems use obsolete GPRS/GSM technology to communicate with the devices, FieldLogix uses CDMA technology. CDMA has a projected lifespan of 15-20 years whereas GPRS/GSM will be decommissioned in 2017.

· We use Non-Proprietary Devices: We only use non-proprietary GPS fleet tracking devices to provide you with best-in-class technology and maximum flexibility with your investment.

· Award-Winning System: Our solution is extremely popular and our happy customers have helped us receive numerous awards and accolades.

The only Green GPS Fleet Tracking System:

Did you know that each year fleet vehicles burn 8.9 billion gallons of fuel annually due to unnecessary idling and speeding? Chances are each of your vehicles burns up to 800 gallons of fuel per year due to unnecessary idling alone, which costs an estimated $2400 per vehicle annually. Our Customized Green report identifies which vehicles are wasting time and money on excessive idling and speeding. Our Excessive Fuel report calculates how much money this is costing and shows how much CO2 is being emitted due to these avoidable driving habits. Our green reporting features give each vehicle a Green Score and ranks each driver by who is most efficient.


FieldLogix Real-Time GPS Fleet Tracking System Features and Benefits:

  • Reduce your fleet’s fuel consumption and CO2 emissions with our custom Green GPS Reports
  • Monitor anytime and anywhere with real-time asset location information
  • Simplify and streamline your workflow using 20 custom GPS fleet tracking alerts and reports
  • Mobile Interface for devices like the Apple iPhone or Blackberry
  • Increase driver buy-in by making their lives and jobs easier
  • Streamline your fleet by sending jobs and messages to Garmin GPS navigation devices
  • Get to jobs ahead of time because your drivers will never be lost

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GPS Fleet Management
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FieldLogix provides Non-Profits with best in class hardware and software solutions for managing, routing, and dispatching your vehicles. Our focus on Sustainability and Driver Behavior help your organization save time, fuel, money, and the environment. Why not find out out what FieldLogix can do for your organization?

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